Our Puppy Journey- Part One

30 Mar

As these guys are going to feature heavily in my blog  I thought I should give them a proper introduction.  They are actually pushing on six months old so this will be a several-parter.

Back in September ’11 we had recently lost our dear doggy friend Annie.  Annie had been my soul mate and I missed her like a part of my heart had gone.  I didn’t want to replace her or have another dog that would be too much like her.  I wanted a dog, but I needed the relationship to be different,

Annie had been a wise,

Compassionate friend,

Standing firm by my side for 8 years.

Annie looking wise


We agreed,

Not one dog,

Not a dog…..

A Puppy!

Two Puppies!

Can you believe I have a fiance, who let me have puppies? 

In the final year of my doctorate?

 and yes…

He nearly let me have three!

We agreed that I could have two if they were little-ish.

We agreed that we would like something long-nosed but not pedigree.  So I  started my search for whippet X PUPPIES.  Pretty soon I found an advert without a picture, I emailed the man and asked for a picture… well, this is what he sent me!

Our First Puppy Shot

That was it….. I wanted the-spotty-one-in-the-middle, and NOTHING was going to stop me.  D convinced me to wait untill we saw them and even suggested it was somewhat superficial to chose a dog soley based on how it looked. 

So.. The next weekend we drove from Northampton (UK) to somewhere in North Yorkshire to “check out” the puppies.  We (well- D) agreed that we would check out the family and the mum-dog and not commit. When we arrived the mum-dog came to the door to greet us, she was beutiful and calm, despite having nine three-week-old pups  to protect.

Mummy Dog

I love how it looks like she is smiling in this picture.

So it turns out I couldn’t choose,

I wanted the spotty one 

But also a stripey one

D had no difficulty and chose one straight away,  on the basis that she licked his hand.

So- how do you chose a puppy, from lots of puppies, when what you really want is a puppy?

Choosing Puppies

I didn’t think I could…


Remember the little spotty one? 

Well… He got up and stumbled right over to me.  It was like he saw me coming.  Anyway, in his stumbling over to me he had met D’s Criterion of having chosen US.  He had also met my criteria of being, well… spotty.  Also….a PUPPY. Here he is…

Baby Boy Dog

And again with his sister…

Our Puppy Choices

So, with our choice made, we just had to wait THREE WEEKS. 

It was the longest THREE WEEKS ever.  During which time all I could think, dream and talk about were:




I worried that it was too good to be true, that something would go wrong, that we would never see them again.

And then, the day arrived.  The day we would TAKE OUR PUPPIES HOME.

And here they are the-little-squidgy-teeny-tiny-so-cute-I-wept-PUPPIES-in-my-car!

Puppies in the car

I couldn’t believe my luck, teeny-tiny-beings-only-just-got-onto-this-planet and COMING TO LIVE WITH US!

The next month was filled with lots of pooey-crazy-tired-joyful-woofy-goodness as the little dudes caried on learning about the world and settling into their new home. 

As for names… I couldn’t do that either. 

D chose for the little lady, straight away, he just thought she looked like a ‘Bronwyn’ (maybe she looked welsh?). 

As for the baby boy, we played with a few ideas…

Sparky (like the gay dog from southpark)

Spartacus (imagine shouting that in the park)

Flash (Ahhhhahhh)

Ruben (I just like it)

Thor (God of Thunder)

I decided that being as he looked SO wuusy, he should have a strong name, but no matter how hard I tried, I just thought he looked too pretty to be Thor.

 So Odin it was

Norse Father of the Gods…

And melter-of-my-doctorate-hardened-heart


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