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House Dreams

9 Jul

I wanted to share another happy-getting-me-through-the-day-thought with you all.  As you know we are in the process of buying a house!  I know all sorts of things could still go wrong to stop it happening but it’s looking pretty good so far!

Unfortunately I can’t cut and paste the photos as it’s on a non-editable PDF file so I’ll just put the link in.  It’s not as big as it looks in the photos but it does look lovely- and plenty big enough for us!


I love the bay windows, the high-gloss wooden floors and the art-deco fireplaces. I like 1930’s style houses and the vilage seems nice.  Rochester is not far away- again I haven’t been but it doesn’t seem bad.  London is 20 min on the train. There is a nature reserve just down the road and a recreation ground for the dogs to run on.

I’m looking forward to planting a magnolia out front, painting the pebble-dashing white and watching the puppies run up and down the garden!

I will keep you ‘posted’




The Little Things

6 Jul

I thought I would share some of the Things that have made me happy this week….

1) Getting the data in
yes it required driving to London. But. I. Have. It!

2) Getting Down To It
Yes; actually writing my results section. It’s not finished. But it’s a good way through.

3) Breakfast
I know this is becoming a re-occurring theme in my blog but having only recently re-started eating breakfast and Discovering bacon and maple syrup this has got to be worth an entry!


Which leads me nicely on to my next happy thing…

4) Double Yolk Eggs
I bought a box of extra large eggs… All of which have been double yolkers! Perfect for dipping!

Not to mention perfect comfort food!

5) Wholesome Soup
I have been trying to eat better; mostly by adding lots of veg. I figure that if I make sure I eat a pile of veg, anything else I eat doesn’t really matter. I also don’t have time to cook or sit down and make a proper event of a meal. So I made the biggest vat of sweet potato, butternut squash, celeriac, courgette, butter bean and cabbage soup ever! (I also threw in a pack of bacon as ‘seasoning’). This has kept me feeling healthyish all week…

6) Phone Calls
Making the time to stop and talk! Feeling Heard. Feeling Supported. Being Acknowledged. Offers of Help. Thank You to my lovely friend and mother.

7) Relaxed Puppies
When I take a short break from studying I go and look at the pups. I swear their calmness is contagious…


Not only is their calmest contagious… But their joy…


8) A New Toy
Yes it is filled with doggy treats… Hours of entertainment!

9) A Good Looking Correlation Matrix

My thesis results are turning out to be pretty meaningless, largely due to a lack of statistical power. Anyway. I made this table and wondered at it’s beauty. Then I tried to sleep and couldn’t. Then I decided I needed an evening off.

10) An Evening Off
The pups and I met D in the forest as he finished work. He bought me flowers and whisky (yeah I had run out!). The pups ran, scampered and frolicked. Then I spotted these dudes…

I came home,drank Pimms and am writing this post as D cooks me a proper meal.

Things aren’t so bad
I hope something made you happy this week

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