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Taking time back

4 Apr

I recently wrote about the pressures of work. I have been working overtime with little opportunity to take that time back.

As you may have gathered, time feels very precious to me. I don’t want to get into the habit of working more than I am paid for. If there is genuinely too much work then I need to communicate that and be honest about not being able to do it all.

Last night (and tonight) was an exception, sometimes things are just to urgent or need to be done outside of working hours. In those situations I should be taking that time back ASAP. I have stopped fantasising that I might be able to save those hours up and take a day off later in the month. My employer will not allow Time Off In Lieu to be saved for more than one month. and my diary is pretty chocka up to one month in advance. Also, if I work 5 extra hours in a week I feel tired, grumpy and burnt out.

So what am I doing about it?
I’m taking it back now. I worked 3 extra hours last night so I’m taking back 3 hours this morning. I have also resolved to record how I use my TOIL, this will keep me on track eith using this time for myself and help me to notice that I have taken time back.

This morning I have:
• Laid in until 7am
• Walked the dogs (putting myself in credit for this evening)
• Made some muffins
• Written a blog post!

I feel better for taking it back, and more prepared for the day ahead.

What would you do with 3 hours TOIL?


Resolutions Revisited

1 Apr

I have clearly not managed to make a new resolution for every week! But here’s an update!

I have managed to continue going to Karate, not once, but twice a week!
I have even won the ‘Student of the Week’ award, not once, but twice!


My sensei has complained that I am embarrassing his orange belts with my awesomeness in the Dojo, so he has put me in to grade on the 14th of April (for my orange belt) Eeek!

As you can see from my previous post, I have been needing some stress management, this really has been ticking that box for me. I can go to Karate class in a foul, grumpy-arsed, achy-necked condition and come away relaxed, focused and, quite frankly, exhausted!

Not Cooking
I’m not really sure if this was a resolution as such, but certainly finding some time in my week was. I have given up the idea that I need to cook a dinner-party quality meal every night. Dan and I do a DIY evening at least three times a week now (including both my Karate nights) and when I do cook, I am able to do a mixture of simple and more fancy foods.

Cleaning Night
Tuesday night has become cleaning night where I do the bare essentials. I will also do extra bits on other nights and at the weekends but I try to limit this.

‘Me’ Time
This still isn’t as easy as it should be, but I have managed to steal a few hours here and there to do exactly what I want to do. I have also managed to get some crotchet in the odd half hours we have before bed time in the week.

Do you remember this?


Slowly making progress!


Future Resolutions?

1) To write short blog posts about specific things (trips/projects etc)
2) To book in my ‘time off in lieu’ as soon as I accrue it
3) To pack my suitcase ready for my honeymoon!
4) To spend some time gardening

I will not set a time limit on these resolutions but will keep you updated!

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